one of the best ways to train your child's hand is by simple exercises such as these types of maze
(yep kids they are really really boring but really really really good practice)

print these out at a size you think will offer your child a challenge

and of course the old stand by of coloring pages...
though there is little "art lesson" value in them they can help a little initially with precision...
not to mention giving mum or dad time to get the laundry done...
 psssst kids...
most mums and grans love the finished colored picture as presents and most will treasure them long after you have turned into terrible teens

for the best art practice with coloring in pictures though ... get your budding little artists to trace them onto a separate piece of paper
 (or print them out light and get them to over draw the black on the outlines )

(tip .. if you really need tracing paper but don't happen to have any handy, wipe down a sheet of white paper with oil/butter or some such.... dry off and there you go a very good tracing paper substitute)

as well as the usual coloring in pages
you can use drawing assist sketches
with these instead of coloring over the outlines in black
use the colors that will closest match the painting

Kids if you want a challenge and find yourself needing to make something for a brother, sister, cousin or friend get your mum or dad to click on this link and ask them to print out the following pages for you to color in

then hey presto a lot of work and practice and you have a book to give them all done in your very own hand 

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